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1983, September 26

Stanislav Petrov, a lieutenant colonel in the Soviet Union, receives six notifications from Soviet computers. Each promise a transcontinental ballistic missile from the United States.

In one moment, he must decide whether to treat these as false alarms, or trigger a nuclear counterattack of unprecedented scale.


Music by Ivan Plazacic

Libretto by Alex Taylor

Direction - Padra Crisafulli

Music Director / Conductor - Caleb Glickman

Sound Design - Padra Crisafulli & Ivan Plazacic

Projection Design - Alex Taylor


Producers - Josh Brown & Russel Henry Holbert

Photos by Ivan Plazacic and Josh Brown

Stanislav Petrov ||| Joanna Sandler


Premiered as part of the Compōs-it Opera Festival 2018.

Performed at the National Museum of Serbia as sponsored by Carnegie Mellon University.

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