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The stars are falling. The world is ending.

Luck experiences a lifetime with few people, the objects he has made (or are they art?), and a blue demon stalking its prey.


As the last member of the human race, his story allows us to consider what aspects of human nature evolved out of a need to survive. We are an empathic species, whose simple needs become clearest in a simple world.

100 Years Stray

by SaringROCK

Translation by Aya Ogawa

Direction - Padra Crisafulli

Dramaturgy - Lindsay Barr


Scenic + Props Design - Noah Hull

Lighting Design - Nicholas Pollock

Costume Design - Galen Shila

Asst. Costume Designer - Sophie Nakai

Stage Manager - Alexander James Friedland
Asst. Stage Manager - Kaylie Carpenter
Production Manager - Charmaris Darias
Asst. Production Manager - Sarah Bauch
Moving Lights Programmer - Hannah Kerman

Luck ||| Major Curda

The Hermit + Blue Demon ||| Hannah Cornish

Dream ||| Miller Jay Kraps

Infinity ||| Daniel Gerard Bittner


Ava Egertson | Jackson Eick

Natalie Eslami | Bryanna Felipe 

Eliza Hallinan | Andrew Lebuhn

Sophia Masterson | Gerardo Jr Navarro 

Bianca Sforza

Job Lead - Nicholaus Carlson

Performed in the John Wells Studio Theatre at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA.

Photos by Louis Stein, Noah Hull, and Galen Shila

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