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"this is my favorite feeling in the world:
you’re eight, and practice wraps up for the day

and in the parking lot, two headlights beam.

well, many more do too, but these are yours."

What do Lynne, Esau, and Jacob have in common?

I can't remember.

A play about fractured selves, driving, and cats with brain tumors.

A work in development.


by Padra Crisafulli

Direction - Padra Crisafulli

Asst. Director - Lucy Murphy


Sound + Lighting Design - Padra Crisafulli

Projection Design - Rosie Villano

Stage Manager - Margaret Shumate

Lynne ||| Cameron King

Esau ||| Alec Seymour

Jacob ||| Trey Caperton

Jenny ||| Simone Jones

My Son ||| A Car Headlight I Found in the Bushes

Performed in the Helen Wayne Rauh Theatre at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

as part of the Playground XVII Festival

Photos by Sarah Connor

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