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water dreams

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 here we are

will it stay?

i am glad,

at least in my life

I worked as an RA for a precollege program the summer of 2017, after my freshman year of college. I never knew that these programs even existed before, and I am sure if I did, I would not have fit in with the kind of personality that attends such a program at the time. During that summer, I was constantly fluctuating between a sense of freedom and constant surveillance, considering the heat and the events of that summer were not conducive towards a un-paranoid mind.

It was a pretty rough summer!

I made these tracks in the mean-time. I became more interested in sampling disparate sources and layering them on top of each other, as well as beginning to compose and arrange my own melodies. I became an avid listener during this process.

Samples used in this tape include:

"You and I" and "Hideaway", as performed by Jacob Collier

"Cosmogony", by Björk

Interview with Eartha Kitt

"Snowdin Town", by Toby Fox, as performed by InsaneInTheRain

"Across the Water", by Vashti Bunyan

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